DRAMA as two Kenyan politicians engage in an UGLY fist fight over women

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    - Two politicians fought physically in front of shocked crowds in Kimilili
    - Two leaders fought over women issues as security officers were forced to intervene to stop the fight
    Two politicians from Western Kenya engaged in an ugly fist fight over women issues in front of the public.

    The leaders identified as Kibingei Ward MCA Justus Kibaba and a parliamentary aspirant for the Jubilee Party Didmus Barasa, fought during a Jamhuri Day celebration at Amtalla Stadium on Monday, December 12.

    The fight was triggered after Barasa accused Kibaba of misusing funds that he had given him for women groups. Barasa accused Kibaba of giving away 12 posho mills to his women friends instead of poor women it was meant for.
    "I gave you the chance to be in charge of distributing 12 posho mills to poor women but you only selected your women friends," Barasa said.
    Barasa also accused the MCA of misusing KSh 3 million meant to buy women groups incubators.
    According to witnesses, an irate Kibaba forced himself to the podium and snatched the microphone from Barasa. The two leaders then engaged in an ugly fist fight that shocked the crowd and government officials who were attending the function. Security officers intervened and stopped the fight that left both leaders with torn shirts and bruises.

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