Does Hillary Clinton really have something to hide?

Discussion in 'Foreign breaking News' started by ItuExchange, Nov 14, 2016.

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    I am a Democrat. To be honest, I am really partially pissed off at Hillary Clinton, thinking of the possibility that this reckless actions on email servers, might lose the election to Donald Trump. How could she be that reckless? Why did she delete those emails? Do we need to worry?

    Do you have a grandmother? Do you have a granny who is (a) smart but (b) not very good with computers? If so imagine that your granny was Hillary Clinton who is (a) smart and (b) not very good with computers. And here is an approximate timeline of what she did:

    Granny becomes Secretary of State.
    Granny asks the State Department for a Blackberry that can access both her personal emails and her work emails because she doesn’t want to have to juggle devices. The State Department rebuffs her and Hillary Clinton says she’ll try another way to the CIO - this is recorded.

    The CIO is informed and his main job is to keep everyone including his bosses in compliance. The CIO fails and at this point it is the CIO’s responsibility.
    Granny goes to the NSA and asks for a blackberry like Obama’s. This is actually a far more complex request and they turn her down.

    Granny asks her friend Colin [Powell] (who used to do that job) what he did about unclassified emails. Colin Powell tells her that he exclusively used AoL - and gives her advice about how he deleted everything so it couldn’t be officially recorded that she ignores. (This might be step 2 or 3 rather than 4 - I don’t know the precise timeline)
    Colin Powell later tries to knife her - in response the Democratic Party releases email documentation of this.

    Following Colin’s advice about using personal emails Granny goes to the people running her husband’s emails and asks them if they can set up a Blackberry for her. They say they can and do. (They aren’t actually very good, so don’t keep the accounts separate).
    To Granny there is little difference between this and AoL (and frankly the differences are in her favour IMO).

    Granny uses the Clinton Email accounts for four years as Secretary of State. She doesn’t email many people but there is no attempt to disguise she is using a personal account. She does nothing to hide the domain name for example - and never ever sends a personal email from a State Department account.

    After Granny stops being Secretary of State she is asked for all her emails from the State Department because of records acts. She asks her lawyers to sort through them, separating personal from work, and turns them over.

    The lawyers do a less than perfect job because they don’t go much past the headers.
    After her lawyers have, they think, turned over all her work emails Granny decides she doesn’t need to keep old personal emails for more than 60 days. But only after she believes that the State Department have all her personal emails because a team of highly paid lawyers have told her they have done exactly that.

    The person at her webhosting company forgets to implement this. In a panic six months later he uses BleachBit to cover up his own mistake.

    That is all documented. Where do you think Granny has been especially reckless? Where do you think that it appears she had something to hide?

    Instead what happened is that after eight separate investigations the Republican fishing expedition that is the Perpetual Benghazi Investigation (something they have admitted was a political hit) realise that a ninth investigation will be no more pointful than the unprecedented previous eight (more time and money has been wasted by the GOP investigating Benghazi than was for 9/11) so look for something else to attack her with. So they move on to her emails.

    They then fail to get her on the initial charge that it’s illegal to have personal server. So what they get her on is that in any functioning department a few people are going to mistakenly send her classified information into an email account that should not receive it. Especially including people like the journalist Sydney Blumenthal sending her links to CNN Reports that discuss sensitive matters - but who never was a State Department employee. By the standards of Comey if CNN were talking about drone strikes that would have been TS-SCI information in her personal email despite it having been reported and broadcast all over CNN and there having been no spill.


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