Do secret agents fight like they do in movies?

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    Steven Segal did an interesting thing years ago, to illustrate how movie fights are different from real fights. He staged the same fight, with the same guy, first as it would actually happen, then as it was done in the movie, and then moving very slowly and talking through it.

    The first scene, as it would actually happen, you couldn’t see anything. Literally. There was a lot of blurred motion and then the other guy fell down. Everything was so compact and went so fast that it wasn’t discernible.

    The next one looked just like a movie. You could see what both guys did. It was still fast, but not too fast to follow.

    So no, secret agents don’t fight like they do in the movies. If they did they’d get their asses kicked before they threw the first punch.


    Neteller here:

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