Desktop Waterproof Wireless Charger Embeddable Qi Wireless Charger

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    1. Input: DC 5V/2A
    2. Output: Wireless charge 5W/1000mA
    3. Input voltage: 240V
    4. Output voltage: 5V
    5. Power supply: Need external power supply (with data cable USB2.0)
    6 .Executive Standard: QI wireless charging standard, only suitable for phones with Qi-device, not for all standard phones.
    7. Waterproof: Yes
    8. Certification: CE FCC ROHS
    9. Only suitable for the desk with hole of 60mm diameter.
    10. Product size: Approx. 66*66*15mm/2.59*2.59*0.59''
    11. Package size: Approx. 80*75*45mm/3.14*2.95*1.77''
    12. Gross weight: Approx. 114g
    13. Net weight: Approx. 65g
    14. Color: Black, Blue

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