Cool Men Airplane Pilot LED Flashlight Alarm Black Rubber Strap Sport Watch

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    • 100% Brand new and high quality
    • Color: Black
    • Movement: Electronic Watch
    • Material: Rubber strap, metal table frame, super soft silicone strap ring lines, ultra-comfortable feel.
    • Function: Time, date, week, sports timer functions (stopwatch), alarm clock, 7-color backlight.
    • Size:
    • Surface Width: 4.7 cm
    • Length: 4.2 cm
    • Thickness: 1.0 cm Strap
    • length: 25 cm (with dial)
    • Packaging: Simple bag factory, no manual.
    • Features: colorful lights, table itself has several colors of light, hold down the button for 3 seconds left corner changes color.
    • How to use:
    • Upper left button controls the LED lights, click the lights. Because this is the lantern light to switch to other colors, hold down the top left button for three seconds, it automatically switched.
    • The lower left button is pressed. You can switch to turn the time display, stopwatch, alarm settings, time settings.
    • To adjust the time, first through the lower left button to switch, switch to the time setting screen, you will see the far right, "second" position flashing, click the lower right button to switch to the minutes position on flashing, then to transfer points on the upper right corner click the button, the number will increase 1 point, after a good tune to adjust hours, and then click on the lower right corner button, then position the screen flashing hour, then click the button top right corner, the number plus 1. Then through the lower right button to switch, there will be followed by the date, month, week, setting options, all according to the method above can be set separately.

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