Childhood Days: Stuffs That Will Surprise You

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    The good childhood days most Nigerians face, their mindsets, mischief, jokes and stories.

    Can anyone say he/she didn’t hear, do or guilty of at least five the under listed stuffs, during his/her childhood days?[IMG]

    1. If you didn’t kill earthworm with salt.
    2. If you didn’t play with rubber band.
    3. If you never bathed/played in the rain.
    4. If nobody told you about India vs Nigeria 99-1.
    5. If you didn’t sleep on the couch and wake up on the bed.
    6. If you didn’t throw your milk tooth on the roof for the lizard to take it and give you new ones.
    7. If you didn’t keep your milk tooth under your pillow at night expecting it to turn to money the following morning.
    8. If you didn’t wash your hands and legs instead of bathing when going to school.
    9. If you didn’t shout “UP NEPA” when there was power supply.
    10. If you didn’t act film in uncompleted building or under bed with friends.
    11. If you never flew a kite.
    12. If you didn’t play biro game on table with friends.
    13. If you didn’t use your two legs to build houses with sand.
    14. If you didn’t write your name on paper and insert it into your pen so that no one will steal it.
    15. If you didn’t smoke or attempt smoking with paper.
    16. If you didn’t close the fridge door really slowly to see when the lights went off.
    17. If you never waved at white birds(egret) expecting your nails to be whiter.
    18. If you never heard of a ghost that stays under mango trees at night.
    19. If you were not warned not to whistle at night unless you want snake to visit you.
    20. If you didn’t drive a single car Tyre with stick and called it a car.
    21. If you didn’t mix garri and sugar in your pocket and ate it while walking in the street.
    22. If you never did mama and papa play i.e cooking grass and sand without fire.
    23. If you didn’t play table soccer, with bottle cover.
    24. If you were not called “Goat” when you acted stubborn……
    ……then I guess your childhood wasn’t fun. If it was choose the numbers you attempted during your childhood days and tell us using the comment box. I bet it would be more than five numbers.
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    Are these true or not?

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