Certified H@cking Forensic Investigator V9 Certification Course

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    The CHFI v9 is the world’s most comprehensive computer H@cking forensic program that delivers essential knowledge of digital forensic techniques and standard forensic tools accompanied by hands-on labs to identify intruder footprints and gather necessary evidence for its prosecution.

    Why CHFI V9?
    • CHFI V9 training includes exhaustive labs for hands-on labs experience.
    • On an average, approximately 50% of training time is dedicated to labs.
    • It includes 14 Modules, which goes from Module 1: Computer forensics in today’s world Upto Module 14: Forensics report writing and presentation
    Who Should Attend:
    The CHFI V9 Course from EC-Council Certified Partner Mercury Solutions offers Classroom And Bootcamp training to:
    • E-Business Security professionals
    • T-Managers
    • Police & law Enforcement Personal
    • Government Agencies
    • Banking, Insurance and other Professionals
    • The course helps you to gain practical and theoritical knowledge to clear the Exam EC0 312-49.
    Learn more At:
    Mercury Solutions Limited
    P: +91 8882233777

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