Can some APC members vote for PDP in coming elections?

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by ItuExchange, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Can some APC members vote for PDP in coming elections?

    In order words, can one party member vote secretly for another political party?

    PDP failed Nigeria and APC promised to fix things, and as a result of this, they won the last general elections.

    However, things have really got worse…

    APC didn’t tell Nigerians that they would find excuses for not fixing things. They should’ve noted that money would be a serious issue when they got to government.

    Now, all we have are excuses and blame games. No money to do this. No money to do that.

    I don’t blame APC. I don’t blame Buhari. They’re not responsible for the problems in Nigeria, but they can’t fix them either (contrary to the expectations of Nigerians).

    Some APC members are even disillusioned with their own party. Simply put, they’re not getting what they expect. Some even suggest that, in the next elections, neither APC nor PDP should be voted for, but a brand new political party.

    That’s another topic for another day.

    But is it possible for one party member to vote secretly for another party in an election?

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