Black Friday Scams

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    I don’t need to tell you what Black Friday is. You should know it.

    It’s thought prices are slashed heavily and customers can get their dream products very cheap. This is a fallacy.

    Some people even wait till Black Friday before they buy what they need. They’re in a ****’s paradise.

    Online scammers can tout Black Fridays deals and take your money and run away.

    Outdated and useless products that are better thrown away would be sold to you at ridiculously low prices.

    Now, let’s go to reputable online retailers…

    Popular online retailers (names withheld) are fooling people. Apart from aggressive marketing and spamming, they’d been selling “Black Friday” products before the real Black Friday. Scam. Does this make sense?

    If they don’t want to sell a product, they put “Sold Out.” Another scam. Oju lo fi ri, ete re ko ba. This means, you see it, but you can’t taste it.

    Even some of them have malfunctioning webpages – most probably programmed to behave so to preclude some people from buying.

    I recorded prices of most of their popular products 3 days before the normal Black Friday, I saw that they really reduced nothing. For example:

    You can get a product for N100 and sell for N150, and falsely claim you’ve put a 25% discount. You can even increase the price to N180 and lie that it now comes at 60% discount.

    This is exactly what these online retailers are doing.

    Let me tell you, don’t think there’s anybody who’s gone online to do business at loss. People love themselves more than they love others, and therefore, they can’t sell anything to you at loss. All the claims of price slashes are false.

    Someone is selling something at normal price and with profits, and he’s claiming that he’s putting a huge slash. Look at your favorite products online, you’ll see that prices have rather gone through the roof. The business world is full of greed and lies.

    Why would they take Black Friday sales to Saturday, Sunday, Cyber Monday and beyond? Why would they start selling Black Friday products 2 weeks before the real day? Why would they be telling people lies when all they want to do is to sell and make profits?

    People should know that claims of price slashes also happen on important days of the year, like Christmas, Eid El Fitri, Valentine Day, etc. Besides, why should you wait for Black Fridays before you buy your things?

    When you want to buy things, simply go online and look at what you want at prices you can afford. Then go buy. Don’t wait for special days. It’s all scam.

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