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    Strategy Plan

    THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 3 participants (if you have more than 3, the system will automatically place these people under your team. )

    LEVEL 1: 3 x 0.005btc
    = 0.015btc – 0.008btc (upgrade to level 2)
    = 0.007btc profit per 30 days

    LEVEL 2: 9 x 0.008btc
    = 0.072btc – 0.05btc (upgrade to level 3)
    = 0.022btc profit per 45 days

    LEVEL 3: 27 x 0.05btc
    = 1.35btc – 1.0btc (upgrade to level 4)
    = 0.35btc profit per 60 days

    LEVEL 4: 81 x 1.0btc
    = 81.0btc profit per 75 days

    The beauty about this is that your charity could pay off. Imagine a situation where you just wanted to help and in the end you are the one who was being helped. Imagine giving someone a ride in your car and the next day he asks to lift you in his private jet for the rest of the month. It is just like that; BitsPlan’s method of charity is a complete fulfillment of the popular adage that says “Givers never lack.”

    How Does This Work

    The method is quite simple. You register on through a friend and deposit 0.005 BTC to his or her account. This is your donation, like you are asking that your friend to have breakfast. After your donation, BitsPlan gives you a unique registration link so that other people can also donate to you. This is where your level 1 begins and you need just three people to donate to you before climbing up to level two where you receive more donations. You should note that BitsPlan is not an investment company or a gambling organization so they don’t even handle your money. The vision of the organizers of this unique program is just for people to get paid for their kindness.

    What are the Requirements?

    All you need to be a part of this is a Bitcoin wallet, a computer device (your phone will do), and a registration link.

    Bitcoin Wallet

    Opening a Bitcoin wallet is fast and easy. Open one today and fund it with at least 0.005 BTC to get started.

    Join now.

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