BitCycler Fast Paying Bitcoin Cycler- No Referrals Needed

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    BitCycler is just OUT - Launched December 15 2016
    6000 active members in just 7 days! NO REFERRALS NEEDED

    Join Now-
    In BitCycler Everyone that pays for a spot (with bitcoin) is placed in one straight line Queue. When 2 new people join from anywhere in the world, the first person in the Queue gets paid and everyone remaining in the queue moves one spot forward (So you see, unlike others you don’t need referrals to make your money) you can be seeing it as it is moving and you will know your number (position) in the queue. Everything is very Transparent.

    Join Now-
    Your Referral and Manager commissions will be added to your Available Balance, you can withdraw anytime to your bitcoin wallet
    $20 Cycler Earns You $26 ie is 130%!
    $50 Cycler Earns You $67.5 ie is 135%!
    $100 Cycler Earns You $140 ie is 140%

    Join Now-
    If you refer people and they deposit you get 10% of what they deposit. For example if your referral deposits $100 you get $10. If you get 10 referrals that deposit you become manager just like MMM Guider As a manager you can now earn bonus from deposits of your referral’s referrals up to the 5th level (10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%) You’ll be getting money steady.

    Now there are 3 types of spots you can buy $20 you will get Extra 30% of your money in few days, $50 you will get Extra 35% of your money in some days, $100 you will get Extra 40% of your money in 7 days by my estimates You can buy MULTIPLE Spots for even more reward Try and watch our video
    But when can I expect to be paid?
    If people understand this new concept and accept it, you could get paid weekly or even more often than that.


    Join Now-
    Nigerians can contact me

    Video on how it works (open in new tab)

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