Best Offline Android Games To Download

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    Best Offline Android Games To Download

    Android smartphones are almost everywhere same with the internet, but the problem is internet is quite expensive in some parts of the world making it hard to enjoy most of the new android games released into the Google play store, most of these new games have internet requirement, games like PES 2017 APK, FIFA 17 APK, NBA 2K17 APK, ASPHALT XTREME APK and the list goes on and on. No doubt, these games with internet requirements are great games and are enjoyable. Does that mean one must have internet connection to enjoy gaming on their android smartphones and tablets? No, reason I put together the list of top best offline android games to download and keep the fun going

    Alto's Adventure

    Alto's Adventure is an android auto-runner game(actually, snowboarding), where you direct and control Alto(the snowboarder) down the treacherous mountain. You don't control Alto's speed but guiding him past hurdles.
    New stages on Alto's Adventure is equally a new run which is procedurally generated, but you're expected to accomplish a goal. While snowboarding on Alto's Adventure you collect coins and it's stored but when you intend using the coins for upgrades internet connection is required.

    Limbo is a 2D android game where you control a young boy who's entered a lonely monochromatic world in search of his sister.
    Limbo initially was a PC game but it's been ported to android with its immersive story. Limbo's world is sad, eerie and beautiful, and you'll soon be too immersed in its enigmatic story to care about the fact that you don't have an internet connection.

    Shadow Fight 2
    There was Shadow Fight now there's Shadow Fight 2. Just like Shadow Fight, Shadow Fight 2 is a one-on-one free android fighting game, though a flat 2D game, Shadow Fight 2 fits well into the class of games it finds itself; the one-on-one fighting games. In Shadow Fight 2 you take on a series of warriors in silhouetted battles, gaining new weapons and learning new moves as you progress.
    The fights can become very tense, particularly when your health bar is dwindling away, and the feeling of landing a well-timed attack never gets old. What's more, the lifelike animations act as a tasty counterpoint to the comic book art style found in the menus.

    Earn To Die 2

    Earn To Die 2 is a side-scrolling driving android game that sees you running over zombies in an apocalyptic wasteland, you drive through till you reach an evacuation ship. You get cash-based rewards depending on the number of zombies you were able to run over. This cash-based rewards is used to upgrade and equip your vehicle to your taste.
    It's a simple formula but it's well delivered. There are 10 different vehicles to unlock and tons of upgrades to apply. Earn To Die 2 is an action-packed joyride.

    Angry Birds Star Wars 2

    We know Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars, how about Angry Birds Star Wars 2? Maybe not. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the finest of the Angry Birds series on android by Rovio. Rovio has perfected its winning formula to make a fantastic looking and endlessly replayable Android title. Everything about Angry Birds Star Wars 2, from the art style, to the menus, to the character abilities and level design, adheres to a great level of quality.
    Aside from occasionally disruptive difficulty spikes, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is a roaring success. If you want an easy, free, pick-up-and-play Android game that looks gorgeous, give Angry Birds Star Wars a try.

    Sorcery! 2
    The next on the list of Best Offline Android Games You Should Download is Sorcery! 2. Sorcery! 2 is a cross between a 'choose your own adventure' storybook, and a role-playing game. You play as a knight traversing the landscape where your progress is largely governed by your answers to various questions.

    There is a lot of reading involved, but the turn-based combat system keeps things fun. The interface is lovely, as is the medieval art-style, and it features a clever save system that effectively rewinds time, letting you change your answers if you get yourself into trouble. Definitely worth a try.

    Shadowrun Returns

    Shadowrun Returns is another award-winning turn-based fantasy RPG. With a murky cyberpunk setting, great 3D graphics, and a huge array of weapons, spells and abilities, Shadowrun Returns is about as polished a gaming experience as you are likely to find on Android.

    It’s a murder mystery set in a futuristic Seattle with incredible depth, including H@cking mechanics, shooting, spell-casting and more. Shadowrun Returns is one of the best games currently on Android – offline or online.


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