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    I know you are frustrated trying out different CPM AD network; you are looking for better ways to make money online with your blog. On this post am going to share with you my best cpm ad network that is most preferable for bloggers in Nigeria.
    Google adsense have proven to be the best ad network to monetize your blog with, but Google adsense is a PPC program, there pay you per click of banner or text ads place on your site and the humble truth is getting approval for adsense is most challenging for new bloggers now.
    Most bloggers have turn to CPM ad network and it is really a good option with high paying of advertisement both for new and old blog from all over the world that is why i am tempted to show you my best cpm ad network in Nigeria for 2018.
    The formula for CPM
    Is CPM good for new blog?
    Well it depend on the traffic the blog gets either new or old if you get reasonable amount of traffic then CPM ad network is good for your blog. Instead With for adsense or relaying on only adsense is better to have other alternative.
    so on this post i decided to share the best CPM AD Network for nigeria bloggers click here to veiw list
    note the list may contain affiliate link, it help our blog in revenue.
    click here to veiw list

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