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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by SingPlus, Sep 26, 2017.

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    The long-wanted Collab feature is available! We’re so glad to tell you the latest version of Sing+ comes with a brand-new “Collab” mode with which everyone can start a Collab or join a Collab to make singing even fun. Thus, we now have this #CollabChallenge

    First of all, let’s check out how amazing a Collab can sound? Check out the following Collabs by @mayjai and her brother @Franklin Osuji

    Stay recorded by Sing+ app

    All of me: recorded by Sing+ app:

    How to accept the challenge?

    Step 1: Pick a song to sing
    You can pick any song that you think it’s good for a duet singing or collab singing. Have no idea? Try start with the following songs: Despacito, Beauty and the Beast, See You Again, Stay, I Like The Way You Lie, Telephone

    Step 2: Start a Collab or Join one
    By starting a Collab, you are supposed to sing some part of the song, and better yet leave some other part unsung for your collaborators who will join you after you publish the recording;
    To join a Collab, on the other hand, means to be someone’s collaborator to sing the unsung part and fulfill the recording. Of course, you can join the Collab starter in chorus whenever you want.
    If you cannot find the Collab feature, you probably are using an outdated version of Sing+, please go to play store to update first.

    Step 3: Publish with the hashtag #CollabChallenge
    Sing+ Editors will check out the Collabs with the hashtag #CollabChallenge, big chances are you’ll get featured top in Sing+ app and blog

    Need some Collab inspirations?
    Except for doing a collab recording with other sing plus singers, you can even have more fun by working on collab singing with your friends and family, just as how @mayjai and @Franklin Osuji did.
    Besides, you can even do a collab with yourself. Sounds interesting? All you need to do is to join a Collab started by yourself. You’ll never know how you can create a masterpiece before you try.

    So much for the tips, so are you ready for the challenge? Let’s find out who would be the Sing+ Collab King and Collab Queen

    Not a singer in Sing+ yet? Join us now and have fun, it’s free and it doesn’t hurt to have some fun, does it? Sing+ can be downloaded via playstore here.
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    Yes, please. More info about this is needed.

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