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    Having been a teacher of senior secondary school as at 6 months, I understood the varying degree of challenges that most students at the secondary level face on daily basis to come in terms with the requirements in writing examinations in standard conditions. I realized that during the exams (especially the unified exams) we conducted during my stay, there are basically four kinds of students in the exam hall. They are:

    1. The studious students who have inputted immense preparations for the exams with great composure and still remember all they read and still be able to manage this with the exam hall conditions (which includes writing under timed conditions, listening more to the ideas and thoughts in the head that they have read and transferring to their books while also ignoring strain movement from invigilators)

    2. The perceived studious students with less retentive ability and multitasking skills. In the category, the candidates prepared very well for the examinations but cannot managed the activities under exam hall conditions. They are usually tensed and nervous, seemingly forgetting the things they have read as soon as they are engaged in an active exam. Behavioral patterns like scratching of head, eating of the beak of their pen, vacant stare and tapping of the head are usually noticed as they try as much as possible to unravel the details they have read earlier before the exam. These activities coupled with the time tends to build pressure on the candidate and eventually lead to little or no success even though he or she might have prepared adequately.

    3. The defaulting students : These are students that have came to the examination hall with the primary aim to participate in an exam malpractice. They are usually not concerned about the rudiments of the exam conditions because they wish to generate their results from other candidates either by "giraffing" or getting help from external materials that are prohibited for the exams (this includes phones, books on such subjects or written details of the subjects on paper or even part of the body like their laps). These set of students usually identify the brilliant students to pair with them and in the case where pairing are not possible, "giraffing" and side conversation are deployed in order to achieve their aim.

    4. The clueless students : These set of students are neither in for any of the above mentioned. They are usually glued to their paper or computer as the case maybe during the exam with little or no impact made. They usually have little or nothing to answer as they watch their time for the exam run down. They are neither given to their studies nor malpractice. They are usually indifferent about studies as in most cases, they don't even know why they are in the exam hall to write the exam at the first place. They are neither enthusiastic about studying hard to join the elites that are tagged "the brilliant ones" nor skeptical about indulging exam malpractice nor motivated on working and studying at their own pace.. They are usually caught in between all not choosing a real path to follow.

    In all these students, they are all have one thing in common, they have a solemn wish to be successful in the exams they are partaking and that is why they are taking the exam in the first place.

    That is why I am introducing to you a standard CBT study/practice examination software called TESTDRILLER software for your educational needs at the secondary and post-secondary school level. We have three products which is TESTDRILLER UTME 2017, TESTDRILLER SSCE 2017 and TESTDRILLER ANDRIOD.

    Features of TESTDRILLER

    - Over 1000 practice exams past question with answers and explanations in different subjects
    - Robust English kit for study
    - Vocabo which is a synonym/Antonym game
    - Maths Solver for solving and explanation of mathematics question of any kind
    - Maths tips as a guide to help students solve their maths faster and efficiently
    - School Finder that helps students choose schools and choice course of study

    Added Advantage of the Testdriller Software

    - Users can practice more than one subject simultaneously.
    - TestDriller has an on-screen calculator which you can use during exam practice.
    - Users get to see their scores, number of questions attempted, answering speed, time spent and a graphical analysis of their overall performance.
    - A summary of the recommended literature by JAMB which is "The Last Days at the Forcados"
    - TestDriller displays passages, images, tables, subscripts, superscripts and special symbols both in the question and option boxes.
    Results can be printed or saved. TestDriller analyzes the trend in your performance and the speed at which you answer questions.
    - It gives the opportunity to study by topics of interest.

    For more details and to get yours: Call Valentine on 08034047666 or Email :

    Testdriller.........Reflecting the Future of Academic Excellence at all level through CBT

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