Are there any animals which cannot be tamed by humans?

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    Great White Sharks, they cannot be kept in captivity.

    So why is it that Great White Sharks are not or cannot be kept in captivity? There are many theories:

    They are open water fish and cannot be confined. Tagged sharks have been known to swim hundreds of kilometres within a matter of days. This exercise and freedom is essential to their contentment.

    They get depressed in captivity. Great White Sharks that are kept within tanks have been known to head butt their `noses into the glass walls and lose their appetites. It has also been noted that they get increasingly aggressive in their depressed state.

    Great White Sharks are incredibly expensive to keep as they kill and eat all other creatures in their tanks. Aquariums would have to continuously restock a tank or dedicate an extremely large tank for the sharks to solely live (impossible as a tank would have to be kilometres long).

    They refuse to be fed by humans, leading them to either die of starvation or be released into the wild. As predators, great white sharks are natural hunters and need the thrill of the hunt to survive – they will not survive on already dead small fish.

    Many people believe that sharks become depressed and even die in captivity due to aquariums using the incorrect water solutions, without enough saline. As Great White Sharks are salt water species, it’s absolutely crucial that the correct balance is maintained
    Great White Sharks are a logistical nightmare for aquariums; not only do they have to capture them safely but they have to transport them and relocate them into a tank, all the while keeping them in water.

    Due to their size and aggressive disposition, great white sharks are incredibly hard to handle – most people would rather not go through the hassle and dangers of coming into contact with them, especially as keeping them content and alive in captivity is so difficult


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