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Discussion in 'Android Apps' started by morrison Adebola, Feb 9, 2018.

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    AnonyTun Prime v2.8 Premium Apk Latest version is a VPN application which I will be sharing with you for free, Anonytun prime v2.8 Apk allows to access the internet for free without any disruptions.

    Anonytun prime V2.8 mod premium Apk is similar to Anonytun pro for Android phone, just that this time around the app has been modified too look different, with news colours and icons, the connection button is now clear to see and it connects faster than previous version.

    Any other features still remains intact such as stealth settings, TCP, HTTP, SSL, payload etc.. and little bug fixes to prevent the app from frequent disconnections.

    Anonytun prime V2.8 Apk mod is the most downloaded VPN app which can be used to tunnel data network and browse for free without any restrictions, you just need to get a working URL/Host, Port and then select from one of the stealth settings functionality such as request method, Injection method, Query method, Extra Headers to setup Anonytun prime v2.8 Apk mod premium.

    Anonytun Prime V2.8 Main Features:
    - Tiny in capacity and loads webpage faster
    - No registration
    - Free and secured
    - Unlimited bandwidth, no speed limits
    - Main features are SSL tunnels, HTTP, TCP
    - No Rooting needed to install the app.

    Download AnonyTun Prime v2.8 Premium Apk Latest below:

    I hope you like my post about Anonytun Prime V2.8 Apk, I will keep you guys updated when there is a new features added to the app.

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