Android Internet Download Manager(android IDM) Version 1.5.0 Now Available

Discussion in 'Developers/Programmers forum' started by Gabbriell, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Android Internet download manager is a free android based tool use to manage and schedule downloads. It got its name from IDM(which is only available for microsoft operating system). In addition to managing and scheduling downloads,Android IDM also provide special features such as streaming and downloading contents online. Android IDM brings some major features of IDM(for microsoft windows) such as speedy downloads, pausing and resumption of downloads e.t.c into android platform. It provide download options for copyright youtube videos, facebook,vimeo etc. The android IDM comes with two download protocol (Internal and External),the internal download protocol uses the built internal powerful download manager while the external is there just to give user the choice of choosing a download handler (expecially for users addicted to using Android Uc browser's powerful download handler).
    The new AndroidIDM app help you download and manage books and journals e.t.c
    For more info and download link visit
    Also checkout tutorials on Android IDM here:

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