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    *TheBillionCoin (TBC):

    The Lazy Man's Way To Riches!*


    I am going to be very brief here. TheBillionCoin is a new crytocurrency that started in March 21, 2016. Now they have a total members of over 11, 000 globally, and their headquarter is in Asia, Philippine to be precise.

    Basic Information You Should Know About TheBillionCoin (TBC)

    1. The TBC coin was launched on March 21st, 2016 at the initial price of 10th of a cent in euro.

    2. The ultimate price = the total number of verified TBC Members X 1 Euro.

    3. The current price adjust once every 24 hours at midnight Fiji time (that’s 1pm Nigeria time) according to the TBC formula

    4. The path that the TBC formula follows is based on the average growth of the TBC community.

    The current price must go up daily from 1% to 5% until it reaches the ultimate price.

    5. The software driving this formula will stop counting verified members once they reached 1 billion members. This means that the maximum value of each TBC coin (1TBC) is limited to 1 billion per coin.

    6. Once all the TBC coins are mined, there will be a total of one billion TBC coins. That’s where the name TBC came from: TBC is short for THE BILLION COIN.

    7. Holding TBC coins create wealth for all the members holding the TBC coins and vast fortunes for all the TBC stake holders and miners.

    8. Selling TBC coin (i.e exchanging it for cash) is fast and easy: there is always a long list of buyers line up to purchase TBC coins from you at the TBC website –


    At 1% the value of your money will double every 71 days

    At 2% it doubles every 36 days

    At 3% it doubles every 25 days

    At 4% it doubles every 19 days and

    At 5% it doubles every 15 days

    The Foundation of the crypto-currency called THEBILLIONCOIN is the TBC Membership Agreement! The creators of THEBILLIONCOIN have worked very hard to structure a crypto-currency that creates wealth for ALL of its Users until it matures to the point where each TBC coin will be worth One-Billion-Euros per TBC coin. Each of you has a vested interest in protecting your TBC coins and the whole TBC community, especially the TBC Foundation!

    Honor the Current Price of TBC always! The TBC Formula software drives the price of TBC and it guarantees You that the price will never go down; it only goes up until it reaches the Ultimate Price of TBC. This is all software driven and works automatically! THIS WILL MAKE YOU RICH!
    TO REGISTER GO TO to create open your tbc wallet.

    Do You Know That You Can Turn Ordinary 5TBC COINS Into €1,302,720.00 in 36 Weeks Without Doing Anything and without lifting a finger!

    YES! YES! YES!

    Now, the first thing you need to understand is that this is not another MLM (Multi-level-marketing), networking or a recruiting program where your income is based on the total number of people you refer. Neither is it a ponzi, pyramid scheme or money-chain where Peter is robbed to pay Paul.

    No! No! No!

    If you know me well, I hate such programs, even MLM with passion!

    This is purely a legitimate cryptocurrency investment with no string attached!

    TheBillionCoin (TBC):

    The Lazy Man's Way To Abundant Riches Without Sweat Or Hard-work!

    Invest In TBC Now And Start Earning Double Your Investment Every 15 Days!

    TBC is a new, completely decentralized, cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, TBC price only goes up and is not driven by the "market". The price of TBC is directly attached to the true value of any currency. It'd base on users.

    A currency without users is worthless, right? As TBC user base grows day by day, the price of TBC goes up every day like clockwise.

    You can see the pricing formula here:

    This pricing formula sets TBC apart from the rest of the currencies in the world today, and thousands of people will become Millionaires as a result on September 26th, 2016

    The Simplest Way To Understand How This Investment Work:

    Do You Understand?


    ONE: The value of TBCoins increase everyday by 5% every 1pm Nigeria time (or 12am Fiji time). TBC is not like shares or Bitcoin that fluctuate in price. The value of TBCoins appreciate everyday. That's why a time will come, when 1TBC will be valued at 1 Billion Euro when the TBC community reached 1 Billion Members! Strange, right? Yeah! Strange but true.

    TWO: Your TBCoins investment doubles every 15 days.


    The Multi-Billion Euro Crypto-currency Investment Opportunity In The 21st Century!


    Check to have instant access to TBC official website to register/signup/join TheBillionCoin Millionaire Community Now!



    Many TBC Members seem to be concerned about their incentive to share TBC and their reward to recruit new members into THEBILLIONCOIN community. Guys, this is not MLM or another “dime-a-dozen business opportunity.” This is a crypto-currency and a new alternative to Bitcoin, but without all of the pricing volatility. Yes, there are companies that offer coins and pay commissions to sell whatever they attached to those coins, but they do not offer a truly decentralized crypto-currency. If those companies get shut down, how much will those coins be worth then? That’s right, ZERO!

    The world needs a solid crypto-currency that is decentralised! The banks and governments have run amuck with our money and have decimated its value! There are so many “experts” claiming that we are on the verge of a global economic collapse and are spreading “fear ****” that the entire financial system is about to crash. Sadly, they are right!

    People need to hurry up and learn how to protect themselves against when this will happen. Time is short! It starts with learning how to stay in control of your own money. If you earned it, it’s yours, right? But if you receive money in NAIRA OR USD for example, and the NAIRA collapses just has is happening now; then what happens? That’s right, you are screwed! If the NAIRA collapses then how does that affect the other fiat currencies? That’s right! It is a global mess!

    Do you still trust the banks with your money? LOL Don’t you realize that the second you deposit “Your Money” into a bank, as far as the bank is concerned it is now “Their Money!” You could fill a room with papers holding all the “fine print” on the banking policies of how they would return “Their Money” back to you when you want it back as “Your Money.” Most of that “fine print” is reasons and situations of how the banks can keep “Their Money.” Just look at all the people that banked money in Cyprus,Greece and NIGERIA for example! These people have all suffered a lot from this global financial melt-down that is rolling out in slow motion at this time. Don’t let the current speed of this global financial melt-down **** you into a false sense of security. Think again before making a deposit at a bank at this time; each day that passes makes that transaction even more risky.Today you can feel the long queue with pains in the Bank and ATM centre to collect your own money So be aware and be careful!

    Just know that You have total control of “Your Money” when you use a truly decentralised crypto-currency like TBC. You are the only one that holds the private keys and passwords that protect your TBC wallet. If you protect those keys and passwords properly, not even the best hacker in the world could gain access to “Your Money!”

    OK, enough about that! What is the incentive to share THEBILLIONCOIN and why should you recruit people into it? The answer is so easy! Doesn’t the Ultimate Price of TBC go up by one Euro for each new member that comes into THEBILLIONCOIN community? Yes! It does! Doesn’t the Current Price of TBC go up daily, like clockwork, at a rate of 1% to 5% until it reaches the Ultimate Price of TBC? Yes! It does! So, what does that mean to you when you are holding onto TBC coins? It means that you GET PAID for every person that you recruit. It also means that you GET PAID when they recruit too. Not only that, you GET PAID when the people that got in before you recruit. If you could imagine putting the whole TBC community into some form of an MLM structure, then you could also see that you GET PAID whenever someone from a side-line from you recruits. Recruiting is easy! It’s FREE to join THEBILLIONCOIN community! And you GET PAID even if that member doesn’t buy any TBC coins!

    How much do you GET PAID each time this happens? That depends on how many TBC coins you own, right? If you don’t own any TBC coins then you don’t GET PAID anything. But ultimately the current price has to keep going up exponentially until it reaches the Ultimate Price of TBC. It climbs up to that price relatively FAST, doesn’t it? So if you are holding onto just one TBC coin, then you GET PAID 1 Euro every time anyone in THEBILLIONCOIN community recruits another. If you are holding onto 10 TBC coins then ultimately you will GET PAID 10 Euros each time this happens. If you were lucky enough to become a Stake Holder and you purchased 100,000 TBC coins then you GET PAID 100,000 Euros each time you, or anybody else in THEBILLIONCOIN community recruits someone. This is not MLM; this PAYS BETTER!

    What is TBC or THE BILLION COIN. it is an crypto currency or internet currency/money use to buy any product or services to co member of TBC or to the TBC community around the world. The value of TBC is increasing everyday from 1-5%, it never goes down because its value is based on the number of new verified members.. and the number of member always goes up it never goes down..
    if you buy 100 TBC today after 1 year your 100 TBC is already worth 1 million or more.
    if you buy 50 TBC today in 1 year and 6 months it is already worth 1 million or more.
    if you buy 25 TBC today after 2 years it is already worth 1 million or more.

    if you buy 10 TBC after 3 years it is already worth 1 million or more..

    if you buy 1 TBC today after 5 years it is already worth million or more.

    LEARN The Quickest Way How To Sell Your TBC Coins.
    There are 4 very easy steps and they are as follows:
    1. Promote TBC
    Think back to why you joined TBC. What got you interested in it?
    Was it the 5% daily? The amazing vision? The growth of the coin in time? Put your personal spin on this and grow your own audience. There are millions on Facebook that haven't even heard of the Billion Coin yet and yet I see people getting frustrated because nobody will purchase their coin in the TBC groups. Well it's time for some tough love. They won't purchase coins because they either already have them, are happy dealing with their trusted seller or wish to purchase directly from site.
    I would urge all members to become a stakeholder for sure but to sell your own coin, you'll need to promote TBC

    2. Build Relationships
    It's not hard at all. The person who approached me about TBC was a young lady from the Philippines. She told me all about the community and answered my questions. I registered and she gave me one coin...FREE. Then I purchased a lot more coin from her. It was that easy for her. Now I only purchase from her or the site. She took the time to message me privately and speak to me. We now have a great relationship. I don't need to say anymore
    3. Get People Plugged In!
    As part of building relationships, if people are interested in what you have to say, and they will be get them to register their free account Tell them about the free training and educational materials in the back office, all the stats they will ever need and a host of other members who are thriving in different countries all around the world. You can gift them a coin after you help them set up their wallet.
    What are the chances they will purchase from you and not anybody else? Fantastic I would say
    You are not only helping yourself to build long term relationships, you are helping every other member in the community also. There will come a time when your own coin will be worth a great deal and having multiple relationships built up will only increase your chances of getting future based buyers.
    This will of course be in additional to any exchanges there will be or the thousands of TBC accepted merchants from all around the globe.

    4. Sell Them Coin!
    Sell them the coin that you have. You don't need to do this in TBC Facebook groups, you can conduct private trusted transactions. If you fail on any transaction, you will have damaged your reputation and that's very hard to get back. So ensure you are honest when dealing with potential buyers. A trusted buyer is priceless so just be a trusted seller
    I saw a guy on Facebook yesterday generating great interest in TBC with his unique advertising. I was very impressed! So plug into your passion, what got you interested in TBC and write some ads for yourself and get going.
    Be your own exchange while we wait for the community to explode . Things will be different then, we are still in infancy. This is your baby, make it happen and you'll have buyers in numbers.

    Guide to open your wallet address
    Create your wallet address fi[truncated by WhatsApp]

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