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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by ItuExchange, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Binary Options trading is one great way to make money from the markets.

    We’ve customers who pull out consistent dollars from binary options trading.

    I also have a good binary options strategy which I developed based on my own experience in the markets. It’s 100% manual and discretionary.

    I used to use it on a daily basis. But I discovered that it works best on Fridays. If I lost money in other days of the week, I recovered them on Friday.

    Therefore, I restricted my trading to Fridays only.

    The result? 75% accuracy.

    In binary options, since risk is usually greater than reward, you need at least 70% accuracy in order to remain profitable in the market. This is exactly what I’ve achieved.

    I used to enjoy using the strategy on ZuluTrade.

    When I started on ZuluTrade, my ranking was around 35,000th of all the signals providers. But I eventually worked my way to 2,000th, 500th, 200th, 85th, 50th, 32nd, 17th, etc. positions.

    Sometimes, the positions got better, sometimes it got slightly worse.

    I was making profits… Though the competition in the trading world is fierce. There are many brilliant traders in the world.

    Then after a few years, Zulutrade announced that they’d stop supporting binary options trading. At that time, I was already at the number 7th in the Zulutrade world ranking (including Europe).

    To be among the top 10, out of many thousands of traders on a platform, isn’t an easy task. Your strategy must be exceptionally good.

    That was exactly what I achieved with my simple binary options strategy, which I used on Fridays only.

    The Strategy
    Trading days: Fridays only
    Signals: Friday’s fundamental figures affecting USD and CAD
    Number of trades: 2 – 4 per week
    Trading duration: Maximum of 12 hours.
    Accuracy: 75%
    Call rule: Classified
    Put rule: Classified

    Please see the attached screenshot to see the strategy summary, which was taken before ZuluTrade stopped supporting binary options.

    NB: If you want to learn this strategy, contact us please. It’s very simple.

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