A Gross Misconception About Father Christmas

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ItuExchange, Nov 13, 2016.

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    You know who a Father Christmas is.

    People wrongly think Father Christmas gives free gifts. Most importantly, they refer to him when they want to talk about giving things free – giving things for nothing.

    A boss may tell his employees: “What have you produced this month, to warrant salaries? Do you think I’m a Father Christmas?”

    Someone may say: “Don’t expect me give you something for nothing. I’m not a Father Christmas.”

    Clearly, people think of a Father Christmas when mentioning someone who gives gifts to people free. They can’t be more wrong!

    Look, Father Christmas doesn’t give free gifts! Not in Nigeria. Have you ever seen one of them giving gifts to people indiscriminately, who’ve not contributed anything before? When you want to see a Father Christmas, you would pay a fee, and it’s from that the gifts you receive come from.

    What your Children get as gifts aren’t free, and you know that. These people are making money from you. They collect N2000 to give you things that are worth only N1000 or N1500. They’re doing business. They make money from you.

    Christmas itself is business. People use that opportunity to swindle others, to hike price unfairly and wickedly, putting more burden on people, in the name of Christmas. People run a rat race and make life difficult for themselves.

    So, if you want to talk about free gifts, you can use another metaphor. Please don’t mention Father Christmas; he doesn’t give free gifts. He’s a businessman – or an employee of a businessman. He may even be an atheist or an infidel who doesn’t go to church. It doesn’t matter.

    The masses has a gross misconception about Father Christmas. Father Christmas doesn’t give free gifts: he gives people less then what he collects from them.

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