3 Usage Habits That Can Easily Crash Your Hard Disk

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    Be it laptop or desktop, hard disk crash is never a good experience. You lose vital project documents and business records, this can be an unending nightmare.

    Most victims blame it on bad luck, and to be candid, luck is part of our life. But from my experience with laptops, I discover that most hard disk crashes are as a result of some usage habits and handling.

    This usage habit is rooted in that most laptop owners don’t read their device follow-come manual. Therefore, they are unaware of impacts of some usage habits on their computer.

    And since the manual wasn’t read in the first place, there is a high possibility that the manual is lost in mists of time, so I wouldn’t be referring you back to it. However, in this post I will give you some information on how to be well informed about habits that can crash your disk.

    Habits That Crash Hard Disk

    1. Force Shutting Down With Power Button: A category of people prefer shutting down with power button because they think the standard shutting down process is too long; so they go for shortcut!

    Another category only resort to this habit when their computer enters ‘hanging mode’ and they run out of patient. You don’t need to force shut down because of hanging, follow these steps to fixing hanging computer without shutting down.

    Here is the reason not to force shut down:

    When your computer is working, the hard disk (made of rolling magnetic disc and a reader) is in constant motion. The best way to halt this motion–like in all moving objects, is through gradual deceleration, and to achieve this in your computer, you must follow the standard shutdown process.

    Force-shutting down a computer with power button results in abrupt stop in hard disk, and this could, overtime, result to a crash.

    2. Heavy Object Falling on Your Computer: This is one of the reasons I think desktops are better in office than laptop. Unless the casing of a desktop is opened, hardly can a falling object at home or office destroys its components.

    But for laptops, a knock by a filled can-drink on the keyboard/trackpad area is enough to send your drive to grave. Consequently, avoid direct knock by any heavy object around this area.

    3. Overworking/Overheating: Heat liberation is a by-product of internal processes in a computer. So you seriously don’t need to bother about the hot base of your laptop. You only need to starting bothering when it is excessive.

    The reason is aside that excessive heat can kill your processor, it can also cause crash a hard drive.

    The best way to avoid overheating is to ensure your PC fan works efficiently and don’t overwork your laptop. Above all, environment condition matters! Operating your laptop in a well ventilated room.

    If someone has warned you about these habits before, then this post should have reinforced the warning. If not, be warned and don’t be a victim of a crash hard disk.

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