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    Latest Working WhatsApp Hack Method For Android

    Mind you that this article is for educational purpose, so I won’t be held responsible if you misuse this WhatsApp hack trick. Follow the guideline below to ethically I repeat ethically hack your friends WhatsApp account under no duress.

    First of all get hold of your friend’s mobile phone that has its WhatsApp installed
    From the WhatsApp interface menu goto WhatsApp web.

    On the top right corner, click on the plus (+) button to open QR CODE SCANNER

    Rush down to google play store and search for Whatscan app or download from here
    Install and open the app to view the QR code in it

    Scan the QR code with that of your victims WhatsApp account
    You are good to go, you now have your friends WhatsApp account successfully hacked and logged in to your device
    Watch out and see whenever your friend comes online you can now see their chats, media reply anything it’s all up to you play safe.
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    Now Working WhatsApp Hack Method Via PC

    Open your friends WhatsApp app
    Click on the menu and select WhatsApp web from the top corner
    Visit from your PC using firefox or chrome

    With the above step scan the WhatsApp with QR code scanner to save its details

    Boom you have successfully logged your friends WhatsApp account on your PC
    So read their chat anything it’s all on you but remember its an ethical learning have fun
    Things Required To Make This Whatsapp H@cking Trick To Work

    For this trick to work for you or continuously work for you, there some requirements or terms that must be kept to. So let’s take a look at this conditions;

    You must have access to your friends or victims mobile phone in order to perform the QR code scanning steps
    He/she must not reinstall or reverify WhatsApp account, when this is done your active logged in session will be vandalised
    Data connection must be enabled on victims mobile phone in order to read his or her messages
    How To Stay Away From Whatsapp H@cking Or Whatsapp Web H@cking

    Remember you thinking that you will hack someone right now might have been hacked as well, so to avert or recover from this latest WhatsApp hack follow the below guidelines accordingly.

    On your WhatsApp account, select WhatsApp web option
    Check for any active session and delete asap if any


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