1 Tron is 15 Naira, contact me let me teach you how to earn 2000-5000 Tron.

Discussion in 'ALT Coins Talk/Discussion' started by Ier Stephen, Sep 13, 2020.

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    You missed Bitcoin and Ethereum!!
    Now, you're about to miss Tron!!! Say "NO"!
    1Tron costs N15 now but by December, 1Tron will be N1,000 and above based on prediction
    If you have just 2000Trons by December,that will be N2million!
    Do your research on Google,don't miss this like you missed Bitcoin and Ethereum!
    I want to show you how to accumulate 2000-5000 Trons before December☺️!
    All you need to start is just 205 Tron.
    Cryptocurrency is the future!!!

    Contact me via whatsapp on 07067767048 to know how to get started.

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